Redefining Consumer Goods Demand Planning


Date: Thursday, April 8th @ 11 AM ET

Supply chain disruption is hardly a novel concept to the consumer goods industry, but the pandemic has stress-tested demand planning to untried levels. Even for a sector accustomed to being ignored except during times of crisis, this past year has exposed long-time disconnects between supply and demand, with one day hardly resembling the one before it.

And while it’s become widely accepted that agility and resilience are crucial for success, today’s CG supply chain leaders are confronted with yet another new and bumpy road in 2021. In order to align their operations with success, they need to rethink their strategies for managing volatility.

In this webinar — developed as a live, interactive extension of CGT’s Demand Planning Special Report — industry thought leaders will break down the central themes of the report and dig into the redefinition of the demand planning space.

Among the topics explored:

  • Getting order and shipment data back in step with the market
  • Identifying the cracks in the supply chain
  • Bringing the trust factor back into supply chain planning
  • Uniting human intelligence with artificial intelligence in your planning
  • Benchmarking and achieving new forecasting accuracy levels


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