Profile: Sebastian Posteraro, BEO (Business Executive Officer), Nestle Purina

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Profile: Sebastian Posteraro, BEO (Business Executive Officer), Nestle Purina

By Erika Flynn - 05/01/2019

Location: Panama

Experience in market: 1 year in Panama; 20 years with the company in various countries including Argentina, Columbia, Mexico, Chile and Peru.

My job: “To ensure that strategic business priorities are achieved, lead change and reach business goals over the next four years.”

The path to purchase: “The channels of commercialization are evolving rapidly, and with it retailers are designing simpler, more direct solutions, looking for the highest impact in stores experientially. The consumers of today demand so much that they won’t accept errors or lack of information. … If they do not have what they went in to look for they could change brands.”

Shopper behavior: The shopper has various options and information at hand. Price always has relevance at the time of the decision, but it must be accompanied with ‘something more …’ such as products that are increasingly healthy, natural and that also contribute to global trends with packaging that, for example, [is environmentally friendly] and that not only looks to take care of the person and their family but also the planet.”

Internal/external technologies: “The technologies that are most impactful definitely are the digital platforms and comparison websites. The conventional path to purchase, in my opinion tends to disappear or to be minimized.”

Collaboration: “The collaboration of retailers will depend on how predisposed this industry is to adapt to its own strategies. If the industry is willing to do so, retailers would become very cooperative, insofar as they do not tend to close. For example, less and less retailers value category advisors and medium-term joint strategies.”

Successful activity: “We have installed parks for dogs in green areas and also promoted that companies accept pets in jobs in the appropriate conditions. We believe that pets and people are better together, contributing to recreation, socialization, less stress and a healthy life, [and we have communicated] this in social media campaigns.”

Keeps you up at night: “Ensuring product quality for consumers and pets, and developing people with potential who believe in organizational values and culture.”

E-commerce: “We’re still underdeveloped. There’s a long way to go, at least in the category I work in.”