From Outdated to Next-Gen: 5 Steps to Transforming Commercial Spend

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By CGT - 03/13/2019



Consumer expectations have drastically evolved. In a world where point-of-sale can be nearly anywhere, consumers today expect personalized offers and promotions tailored to their engagement preferences. They want to be reached where, when, and how it most conveniently fits into their digitally-influenced and fast-paced lives.

Today’s sales and marketing leaders and their teams are now more than ever recognizing the need to restructure their internal processes, systems, and resources to develop a holistic, comprehensive consumer engagement strategy that drives growth, identifies opportunities for innovation and improves ROI, but that can be executed with their existing customers’ platforms and business models. To achieve this, the right technology strategy and an alignment of sales and marketing functions is imperative.

Where do you start? Do you have the right insights? Join us for this webinar discussion to learn the steps that organizations can take to transform commercial spend, capitalize on the digital path-to-purchase, and drive profitable growth.




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