Niceland Seafood Brings Traceable Fish to Kroger

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Niceland Seafood Brings Traceable Fish to Kroger

By Cyndi Loza - 12/27/2018

Iceland-based supplier Niceland Seafood has partnered with distributor Seattle Fish Co. to launch fully traceable seafood at 65 of Kroger's King Soopers and City Market stores in the Denver area.

Denver shoppers can access "Sea to pan” information on fish such as cod, ocean perch and Arctic char via on-pack QR codes that when scanned direct consumers to a mobile web application called TracabiliT. "When they easily pull up TracabiliT on their phones' browser, customers can follow the journey of their fish from sea-to-pan, which includes where the fish was caught, the vessel and captain, the flight to Denver and arrival in stores," Meghan Russell of Niceland Seafood told P2PI. "The TracabiliT mobile web app also offers easy to follow recipes and detailed information about their seafood."

EFNI, the holding company of Niceland Seafood, developed the TracabiliT platform to connect various entities in the supply chain and gather information on production and shipment, Russell said. "It's a great tool to proof origin and to share a lot more information about the product than can be fitted on the packaging," said Russell, adding the company plans to incorporate blockchain technology to assure the timeline has not been altered. "TraceabiliT is not only a great tool for consumers, but also a great application for seafood purchasers to place orders, track shipments and be connected to any information they may need."

In participating stores, Niceland has staged in-store demonstrations to walk shoppers though how to use the TraceabiliT web app and let them sample the seafood from Iceland, which is known for its sustainable fishing industry. 

"Iceland is a global leader when it comes to sustainable fishing, issuing annual catch limitation quotas that prevent overfishing and keep marine life healthy and balanced," said Heida Helgadottir, Niceland’s chief executive officer, in a media release. “High-tech processing machinery deployed around the country ensures up to 80% of the catch is put to use. It is one of the most sustainable fishing industries worldwide.”

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