Myth vs. Reality: What Does It Actually Take to Do TPO Well?

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By CGT - 04/23/2018



Although TPO is getting a lot of press these days, 90% of relevant consumer goods professionals still have issues trusting the numbers or other aspects of what they see in trade management systems — and you can’t optimize something that starts on shaky ground. So, what does it take to do TPO really well? The answer goes beyond technology. And there’s good news and bad news in the quest for TPO excellence:

  • The Good News: Don’t be fooled. The competition doesn’t have it all figured out. There’s still time to get ahead of the curve. 
  • The Bad News: There's no silver bullet. To do TPO well, you must first do TPM well. And you’ll need organizational support as well. 
  • More Good News: You can do TPM really well. You can find confidence in data. You can fit it all together.

With 59% of trade promotions not breaking even, there's incredible upside for every strategic improvement in the trade data ecosystem.
During this webinar, attendees will learn best practices for achieving user-trusted TPM, gaining organizational alignment and setting their business on the right path toward TPO. They’ll hear directly from industry experts and manufacturers on how they're leaning into optimization.




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