Modernizing Content Operations to Get to Market Faster


January 20, 2022 at 11:00AM EST

From inception to delivery of a product, content plays a critical role in designing, marketing, and delivering goods and services to customers. And in today's consumer goods market, brands and manufacturers are under immense pressure to modernize these key business processes to meet the lofty (and ever-shifting) expectations of today’s consumers.  

Join us Jan. 20 at 8am PT | 10am CT to uncover challenges, solutions, and key takeaways for modernizing consumer goods operations to unlock the power of your content and get to market faster. Join your peers and discuss:

  • Why CG companies are modernizing content operations to maintain a competitive edge
  • Tips to achieve buy-in from key stakeholders when implementing new processes and technology
  • The value of protecting proprietary R&D and design files with granular access permissions and classification policies
  • How to streamline marketing launches across marketing, brand, and legal teams

Bring your questions to this live, interactive webinar, and learn how to empower your teams to seamlessly collaborate in 2022!