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League of Leaders

The consumer goods industry is undergoing seismic shifts that require a complete and total industry realignment. Waves of disruption are leaving us with an immediate choice: innovate and succeed or remain stagnant and become irrelevant.

Shoppers are demanding to buy products where, when, and how they see fit. Non-traditional giants like Amazon and Google have entered the space and become major players overnight. Traditional retailers are transforming their stores into experience hubs. Consumer goods brands can no longer rely on their traditional methods of distribution. Direct-to-consumer and other new channels can no longer be discussed — they must be addressed.

How do we transform our organizations to become more nimble, more streamlined, more innovative, more technology-driven? What does that mean for our corporate culture, operations, new product development, investment strategy and growth plan?

Our industry is at an inflection point. Disruptors and Innovators are leading the charge. Times like these call for Vision, Leadership, and Action.

The League of Leaders is an elite task force of industry peers who will learn through sharing, who will act through collaboration, and who lead through collective support. 

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It is an exclusive gathering of influential executives in the consumer goods industry who are committed to fostering best practices for the strategic use of technology to drive meaningful business growth.

The companies that have been invited — consumer goods manufacturers along with elite industry partners and solution providers — have impressed CGT with their industry-leading passion and prowess. They understand that collaborative learning with other leading thinkers positively can positively impact the industry at large.

The League’s purpose is to provide an “open forum” for the candid exchange of thought-provoking ideas and best-practice strategies. League members meet twice each year to participate in a series of 19-minute “Lightning Lectures” that offer fresh perspectives on the latest issues and challenges affecting the industry. Their insight and analysis provide inspiration for fellow League members and support a more vibrant, robust and healthy marketplace overall.

As a member of the League of Leaders, you will demonstrate personal commitment and true thought leadership.

The League of Leaders isn’t for everyone. Your organization must be strategically positioned to help grow the industry, and you must be personally committed to candid participation in an “open forum” atmosphere that will effectively advance the League’s goals. This expert forum is committed to identifying best practices that can improve individual performance and overall industry growth and success.

Members commit to participate in at least one League meeting each year. There, they will share insights, best practices and forward-thinking ideas in small and large group forums.

Nineteen-minute “Lightning Lecture” presentations are an instrumental format used to explore critical industry topics. League members provide suggestions for topics they feel are the most critical, the most relevant or the most compelling. A steering committee reviews these recommendations to help develop key discussion points for each meeting agenda. League members are then invited to submit related presentation proposals (and will be expected to present on a regular basis). Small breakout discussions will supplement the learning and interaction surrounding the chosen topics.

Members of the League will have access to the League of Leaders section on consumergoods.com for convenient access to previous League presentations, lecture summaries, related information, important deadlines and other reminders.

When we are together, we will share best practices, talk future trends, hear innovative strategies and swap creative ideas in a relaxed, casual environment. It’s an invaluable opportunity to showcase your own thought leadership while benefiting from the perspectives of your peers.

League of Leaders meetings will deliver:

• Powerful peer introductions and connections

• Access to key business contacts

• Strategic discussions on the future of the industry

• Advance exposure to research, reports and case studies

• In-depth access and connection with CGT’s editorial staff

The next meeting will take place in May 2018 at Oracle headquarters in Redwood Shores, CA.


  • Consumer Goods Companies
  • Solution Providers

For more information, visit the League of Leaders event website or contact:

Albert Guffanti
Managing Director and Publisher, CGT
[email protected]

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