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How Tech Enables Brands to Keep Pace with Unprecedented Consumer Changes



COVID-19 has been an unexpected catalyst for technology adoption for consumer goods and retail companies. With unparalleled shifts in shopping habits and unforeseen disruptions to the supply chain, many brands are looking to technology solutions to stay informed and safeguard their businesses. More than ever, CGs and retailers need real-time visibility to their product performance within every region, store and shelf. It has quickly become evident that new technology solutions are the key to managing current store conditions and detecting early warning signs of impending change. That is why, in an upcoming CGT webinar, attendees will learn: 

  • Why technology is important in a post-COVID-19 retail environment.
  • What technology can tell you about the health of your business.
  • Strategies and options for monitoring stores at scale.
  • How technology can drive business forward at a rapid pace




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