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How Reckitt Maximizes E-commerce Sales through AI-Driven Targeting




$6 out of every $10 in media spending in the U.S. is allocated to digital. With so many brands vying for customers' digital screen share, standing out from the crowd is a steep hill to climb. Consumer goods companies like Reckitt are increasingly leveling-up their artificial intelligence capabilities to more effectively analyze campaign data from all of today’s e-commerce platforms.

Listen in to a live roundtable discussion with Imteaz Ahamed, Director of Performance Marketing of Nutrition at Reckitt, Sigmoid Senior Strategy Consultant Sundeep Kumar, and CGT Editor Maia Jenkins.

We’ll discuss:

  • The state of advertising on retail e-commerce platforms
  • How Reckitt is leveraging machine learning to boost Amazon ROAS
  • Refining and generating new audience segments
  • The most important KPIs and how they’ve evolved
  • Tips for automated campaign monitoring and optimization

Bring your questions for this case study and live Q&A that digs into the tech fueling e-commerce success!


Imteaz Ahamed

Imteaz Ahamed

Director, Performance Marketing - Nutrition


Sundeep Kumar

Sundeep Kumar

Senior Strategy Consultant


Maia Jenkins

Maia Jenkins



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