Revenue Growth Management

How Kraft Heinz is Scaling Their RGM Capabilities

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RGM is a key strategic approach that can help brands optimize revenue growth and remain competitive in an increasingly volatile market. From managing pricing promotion, and developing targeted promotions, to optimizing product placement and boosting traceability, RGM tools offer brands a suite of possibilities. However, it takes strategic effort to develop the skills and capabilities needed to put these tools to work. 

In this edited webinar transcript Kraft Heinz’ global RGM lead, Maksym Roshchyn, Rahul Ubgade, AVP, consumer, retail & logistics, Infosys and Samad Masood, content strategy lead, Infosys Knowledge Institute touch on everything from the skills needed to be an effective RGM leader to the impacts that new technologies – including ChatGPT– might have on this area.

Read on to learn how leading brands are leveling up their RGM capabilities.