How to Improve Consumer Engagement While Maximizing Growth

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By Consumer Goods Technology - 05/01/2019



Technology-enabled consumer-centricity and innovation are driving new areas of growth in the consumer packaged goods industry. But current and future industry challenges can present obstacles to achieving that success.

In this webinar, thought leaders will offer solutions for overcoming four major challenges impacting the consumer goods industry and outline the key steps to innovate consumer engagement strategies. They will share advice on how companies can make the most of their data and technology stack to improve both the consumer experience and brand value.   

Attendees will learn:   

  • How to adapt legacy platforms to swiftly respond to market changes and outpace the competition.  
  • How to move toward a consumer-centric approach and prioritize the consumer experience. 
  • How to start learning agile skills to become more flexible and adaptable across the business.
  • How other companies are already using technology to innovate and engage with their consumers. 



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