How CPG Brands and DTCs Can Drive Conversions with Digital Experiences



Over the last year, consumers have become dependent on digital channels for information on products that they would normally get in person. But even as bricks and mortar shops continue to open, that surge in digital traffic shows no signs of slowing down. With searches for promotions, ingredients, how-to-guides, nutritional information on the rise, CPG and DTC manufacturers and retailers must find ways to optimize their digital assets to seize this valuable web traffic and capture those high-intent customers. Diageo, the multinational beverage alcohol company, is an example of an organization that has jumped on this trend and reinvested in their web strategy to influence third party search experiences and e-commerce to drive more traffic and influence sales for their retailers, bars, and restaurants. . .
If 2020 was a year of navigating great challenges and optimizing for continuity, then 2021 is the year to leverage the learnings and ensure your eCommerce experience builds customer loyalty. But to do that you must first ensure you’re living your digital best life, and that means taking all the steps to ensure you’re driving people to your brand’s site -- and keeping them there.
This webinar features Allison Webb, Diageo’s Director of Digital Conversion Marketing, Cassandra Ericson, Diageo’s Manager of On-Premise Channel Marketing, and Lee Zucker, Yext’s Head of Industry for Manufacturing, CPG, and DTC. In addition to learning how search can create a consistent omnichannel experience that drives sales, you'll also learn:

  • The key ingredients for sticky digital experiences and how to drive top of funnel traffic via website strategy
  • Why a natural language search experience is at the center of increasing conversion and average order values 
  • What metrics are critical to measuring performance while also improving the overall customer journey
  • How to keep customers from bouncing to Google where they’re served competitive ads for your competitor





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