The Hidden Benefits of DTC: How to Maximize Your First-Party Data Strategy

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Consumer goods companies range the gamut in their direct-to-consumer journey, but the value of forging a personal connection with consumers has become a universal truth. A new webinar, grounded upon CGT’s just-released DTC and Consumer Insights Report, will explore the hidden benefits of developing a direct-to-consumer strategy — and how companies are looking beyond strict transactional relationships to leverage the true value of first-party data.

Join us on April 21st at 11:00 AM ET for a deep dive into the report, including insight into the report’s snapshot survey that explored which technologies companies view as holding the most potential to further their DTC ambitions.


  • The impact of today’s shifting privacy regulations and expectations on DTC
  • How CGs are balancing their DTC initiatives and retail partnerships
  • The technology and strategy needed to get value from first-party data
  • The innovative hybrid commerce experiences that are turning heads

Bring your questions to learn how innovative companies are leveraging the benefits of DTC and where opportunities exist.


Val Fishbain

Co-Founder, Spread the Love

Eloy Yndigoyen

COO/CFO, Spread the Love

Mary Rodgers

Director of Marketing Communications, Cuisinart

Khurram Moiz

Lead Principal, Retail Customer Success, BlueConic

Lisa Johnston

Senior Editor, CGT