Harnessing the Power of Analytics to Drive Reciprocal Value for Consumers



The future of the consumer goods industry lies in the power of data and analytics  especially when it comes to lasting and loyal relationships centered around creating the utmost value for consumers. Consumers will purchase again and again if they connect with the brand on a purposeful, nostalgic, and emotional level.

But getting to that exchange of reciprocal value is no easy feat, especially as consumers become more digitally enabled and informed than ever before.

You don’t want to miss this exclusive CGT webinar as we dive deep into the how around creating the exchange of reciprocal value. Attendees will learn:

  • The shopper behavior that is impacting the industry today.
  • How to connect promotional effectiveness with the right marketing mix.
  • How one company tapped consumer insights that yielded double digit improvement in LTV

Join the live conversation to learn how to develop deeper and more meaningful connections that drive the crucial exchange of data and value for all parties involved – brands, retailers and consumers alike.


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