Harmonizing Your Data for the Digital Age Through a Decentralized Company

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By CGT - 07/03/2018



Every CPG company, regardless of size or industry, struggles with effectively managing fragmented volumes of internal and external data. This content can be universally accessible and yet seemingly is contracted within various teams causing duplication and frustration. Account teams often don’t control their own analyses since every retailer individually designs their own data transfer. Without a well-thought-out data harmonization plan, consumer goods companies cannot build lasting best practices across their brands. Learn how to identify the questions to ask prior to initiating new agreements.

The need for optimized, accurate and complete product content on the digital shelf is critical to driving sales and protecting brand equity. Existing e-commerce data sources are fragmented and data quality is inconsistent. Retailers like Walmart are implementing content scorecards, teaching their suppliers to provide accurate product information and improve key attributes. The best investment strategy for consumer goods companies is to ensure they provide the most consistent, comprehensive set of product images and data to support all commerce channels. Attendees of this session will learn how.




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