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Grow Revenue, Not Costs: RGM Lessons from Kraft Heinz


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Consumer goods companies are fighting hard for growth against the intensifying headwinds of potential recession, fierce discounting, and changing consumer habits. To grow profitably in this uncertain and volatile environment is incredibly challenging. In the battle to stay competitive, ‘revenue growth management’ tools are increasingly acknowledged as a must-have weapon.

As Kraft Heinz’ Global RGM lead, Maksym Roshchyn has witnessed first-hand how RGM can help massive, global brands better understand their customers, reduce costs and losses, and deliver value in times of upheaval. In this insightful 45-minute webinar, Roshchyn joins CGT to give a timely perspective of the state of revenue growth management strategies around the world, sharing insight into guidelines for CPGs looking to stage innovative RGM interventions and reap its many benefits.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why RGM is the strategy CGs need to implement right now in order to stay afloat.

  • Lessons in pricing and growth management from emerging markets and inflation-hit regions.

  • The latest digital technologies needed to enable rapid responses and build RGM capabilities at scale.

  • Where to prioritize investment for brands just starting out on their RGM journey.


  • Maksym Roshchyn

    Global RGM Lead
    The Kraft Heinz Company

  • Rahul Ubgade

    AVP, Consumer, Retail & Logistics

  • Samad Masood

    Content Strategy Lead

  • Maia Jenkins