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Consumer confidence was a bit manic in 2012, hitting a five-year high in November and then dropping again in December as consumers doubted an end to the fiscal cliff.

When it comes to the health of the consumer goods market, is the glass half full or half empty? According to the results of the 2010 Consumer Goods Registry, which ranks the top 100 public companies according to 2009 annual revenues, both viewpoints are correct.

Overall, the economy still wasn't looking pretty in 2010, but it wasn't completely ugly either. Most of the consumer goods companies on CGT's Top 100 list made modest sales gains. A few leapfrogged the competition. Yet, many others were still fighting an uphill battle.

CGT connects you to a handful of standout small to medium consumer goods companies that are hitting it off with consumers despite a shaky economy and steep competition from market leaders.

The companies on this list have to be masters of rapid innovation. Find out which toy companies stayed on the "hot" list in 2010 and which ones lost the popularity contest.

Children are perhaps the most fickle of all consumers. Find out which toy companies stayed on the "hot" list in 2011 and which ones are losing the popularity contest.

A survey of 25,099 U.S. consumers reveals top brands in 46 categories -- from airlines and appliances to toothpaste and sweets. Heres a look at which consumer goods brands were recognized for having the best consumer sentiment in 2011.

Two years ago, K'NEX started the construction of an internal intranet that would control the majority of product-related data across all departments. Find out what the K.I.I.D. system looks like today.

The companies on this list are masters of innovation. They have to be in order to stay on the "hot" list with novel products that leverage emerging technologies. Even Monopoly has gone digital. Check out who leads the way with play.

On Monday, June 9, 2008, two CGT Share Groups converged at The Roosevelt Hotel in NYC to swap insight on technology and process applications pertaining to downstream data.

LeapFrog's newest tablet for kids is selling three times faster than its original LeapPad.

Find out which toy companies won over the most fickle of all consumers children in 2012.

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