The Evolving Global Supply Chain: Where Do We Go From Here?



The consumer goods supply chain is a living breathing entity that is constantly evolving ― an evolution that was kicked into high gear in the face of the worldwide COVID-19 health crisis. Unprecedented demand spikes highlighted shortcomings in the supply chain that forward-thinking companies are working diligently to fill.

In this webinar a panel of consumer goods thought leaders will explore the current state of the CG supply chain, highlighting the challenges and opportunities available to those willing to seize the initiative. The panel will dive deep into where tech investment is occurring now and over the next 18 months as CGs continue to redefine the supply chain of the future. Based off of industry research CGT conducted during the heart of the pandemic, this interactive webinar will provide tactical advice CGs can use today to shore up their supply chain and ensure they are always prepared to meet shifting demand.




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