Data Synchronization

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Data Synchronization

Consumer goods companies are spending millions of dollars to access data from multiple sources. But unless these data sets are harmonized, their true power can’t be realized.

Wholly owned subsidiary of The Kroger Co., 84.51, will merge with Market6 to deliver a more personalized shopping experience for Kroger customers.

Focusing on the shopper drives profitability.With consumer knowledge, you can know what to offer shoppers to increase your presence in their shopping carts.

Whole Foods Market and Nielsen to create First-Of-Its-Kind Custom Defined Natural and Organic Product Hierarchy for Supplier Partners

Although brick-and-mortar retail has been the focus of The Kroger Co. from the very beginning, omnichannel strategies are changing the future of how consumers are shopping.

Download RIS/CGT's first annual Retail and Consumer Goods Analytics Study and learn from the industry leaders and benchmark your organization's analytics maturity against their success.

Presented at the 2016 Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit, the third annual award honors the unique and powerful role of todays marketing leaders in the increasingly competitive consumer goods industry.

Behavioral analytics and insights are expected to help supermarket chain Hy-Vee better understand its customers lifestyle preferences.

Meijer will amplify its custom collaboration program, a robust analytical platform for Meijer vendors to gather sales and customer insights specific to the company's product hierarchy and geography.

This edition of CGT's CGTs Review & Outlook Report is entirely focused on the surge of data that consumer goods companies cannot afford to ignore. The result?

Greater levels of data visibility enable a richer understanding of the marketplace. Find out how to make the most of this opportunity and earn a seat at the retailers' table as a trusted advisor.

With a supply chain that operates differently in each region it serves, Amplifon senses data to help sales and marketing teams, and gain complete visibility.

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