Creating Real Value for the Ever-Connected Consumer

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By CGT - 08/22/2018



How do you confront a consumer-driven world? By re-evaluating every business function in your organization that has an impact on satisfying today's better-informed, more discerning and more demanding consumer — from product development, to sales & marketing, supply chain enablement and customer fulfillment.

Such an undertaking is already posing significant challenges for most traditional consumer goods companies and retailers. For the laggards, the very near future may not be so bright. For the courageous, however, the rewards generated in creating new meaning and value for today’s ever-connected consumer are growing clearer by the day.

In this unique webinar, a panel of industry thought leaders will discuss key findings from CGT’s 9th Annual Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Report. The panel will examine the current state of the industry — in consumer engagement, the retail experience, new product development, packaging, fulfillment and more — including the necessary changes companies must undertake to not just survive, but to thrive, in an endlessly evolving marketplace.




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