Creating a Clearer Path

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Creating a Clearer Path

By Peter Breen - 08/01/2019

In the pages of this magazine, we’ve been helping consumer goods professionals gain the understanding they need to influence the consumer’s path to purchase journey for more than 30 years.

The pace of this journey has accelerated and is moving in many directions, which requires agility, adaptability, a willingness to test and learn – and a readiness to change course when necessary.

In that spirit, we are making our mission even clearer this month by rebranding the former Shopper Marketing and Consumer Goods Technology magazines as Path to Purchase IQ. Our stated mission, as the tagline reads, is to examine “End-to-End Strategies for Driving Consumer Demand.”

We recently experimented with the name Rise, an aspirational concept aimed at inspiring the industry to reach new heights. Thanks to feedback and guidance from many of our readers, we learned that, although you liked our new format, the fresh design, the in-depth content and the extended audience reach gained by combining the publications, we needed to be far more straightforward with the name.

The name Path to Purchase IQ not only crystalizes our editorial focus – delivering the business intelligence companies need to successfully drive consumer demand – it also illustrates the commitment our parent company, EnsembleIQ, is giving to this endeavor.

We hope you’ll agree that this new direction gives our community a much stronger forum through which to learn, share and achieve success together. And in that spirit, we welcome your feedback.

In the meantime, we’ll get on with fulfilling our mission. And there’s no better way to showcase effective strategies for driving consumer demand than to present our overview of the Shopper Marketing Effie Award winners for 2019. First announced this spring at the Path to Purchase Summit, these 15 programs truly represent consumer engagement at its finest.

We’ve been proud to work with Effie Worldwide on this prestigious awards program since 2011.

There’s also no better way to spotlight the agility and adaptability of today’s industry leaders by hosting our 11th annual “Who’s Who in Shopper Marketing” feature, which recognizes more than 275 executives from more than 120 product manufacturers and retailers who are driving innovation and success within their organizations.

Elsewhere, there’s no better way to examine the need to change old practices than by taking a deep look at revenue growth management, a strategic effort to better understand consumer behavior and improve marketing performance by evaluating the entire commercial spend through a single lens. Testing and learning is even more obvious in this month’s Activation Gallery, which looks at recent engagement initiatives involving augmented and virtual reality technologies.

Finally, there is no clearer example of the ways in which the consumer’s path to purchase journey has changed over the last 31 years – or even in the last 31 days, in some cases – than the latest version of our “E-Commerce Intelligence” wall chart, where we outline the various online sales and digital engagement vehicles of 15 other leading U.S. retailers. (Special thanks to Menasha for again sponsoring the chart.)

After you’ve redecorated your office with the print version of the chart, included with this issue, be sure to visit to experience the digital edition, which this year was built on a dynamic, interactive platform that, I guess, is our final example of the changes taking place in this industry.

At least until next month.

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