Consumer Data Gold Mine: DTC’s Role in Innovation & Engagement



The direct-to-consumer market is proportionately selling at a higher growth rate than the total market — that much is clear. While the revenue opportunities are apparent, what’s less discussed are the host of benefits this ready access to consumer data also brings. Whether large or small, consumer goods brands moving into DTC are often welcomed with a wealth of consumer data that can be leveraged for anything from product innovation to consumer engagement.

But are they making the most of it? And while selling DTC sounds easy enough, what are some of the real challenges CG brands are facing as they dip a toe (or full-on swan dive) into the DTC pool?

In this live webinar, developed as an extension of CGT’s “Making the Pivot to DTC” February Special Report, industry thought leaders will break down findings to explore the roadblocks and opportunities that come with brands investing in their DTC operations.

Join this live Q&A to learn more about:

  • The brands, big and small, successfully navigating the DTC waters
  • Why companies may want to view DTC less as a sales channel and more as an engagement channel to drive innovation
  • The technology and platforms powering DTC success





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