Confessions of a Power User

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Confessions of a Power User

By Cyndi Loza - 06/01/2018


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Editor's Note: Since interviewed in 2017 for this article (which originally appeared in the May 2017 P2PI Member Update newsletter), Mira Boneva and Lindsey Ressler have left Geometry Global. Boneva is now associate director, creative strategy, at DigitasLBi North America, while Ressler works as shopper marketing analyst at Kraft Heinz Co., according to their respective LinkedIn pages.

If you need to get smart quick, Geometry Global’s Mira Boneva suggests spending some time on  

“We know there’s a lot of other resources but [the Institute’s website] really gives us that gut check and that first initial, almost like intuitive direction of what should we be communicating? What should we be thinking about when we’re talking to a Target, when we’re talking to a Walmart, within our category,” said Boneva, senior strategist at the agency. “It really serves as the place to get smart fast and really quickly.”

Boneva speaks from experience, using the website to inform her work primarily helping lead the Mondelez International shopper business for grocery and mass. She estimates she’s logged 150 hours on in the last year alone. Colleague Lindsey Ressler predicts she’s logged 250 hours since joining the agency as an intern last summer. “The amount of time I spend on it … is probably a solid amount of my time here at Geometry,” said now junior strategist Ressler, laughing

The power users boast a tag team approach to the website. When she first started, Ressler would comb through the site for examples and inspiration to share with the team and help familiarize herself with the retailers they were working on. Now Boneva usually combs through the website while Ressler does more extensive digging, pulling relevant images and information.

The website usually delivers plenty of content to keep the duo busy. The “Retailer Receptivity Guide,” detailing how in-store marketing tactics are received (or not) by major U.S. chains, and “Retail Promotional Calendar” are just some of “the resources that literally sit on our desktop as a go-to, quick reference,” Boneva said. However, it’s the in-store images from more than 30 retailers they think are the strongest component of the website. “That’s definitely something you can’t find anywhere else especially if you’re looking at a retailer that’s not in your market,” Boneva said.

The uploaded images are also a large part of how the website can help marketers get a speedy education. “For example, how does Kroger communicate around crackers?” Boneva said. “Digging deep into what are the manufacturers doing? What are other brands doing? ... Within that specific category, how does Kroger communicate and if they communicate at all. So, I think what we’ve really been able to do is get smart fast and you can very quickly, and in a visual way, put together your P-O-P.”

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