CGT Webinar: Best Practices in TPM User Adoption

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CGT Webinar: Best Practices in TPM User Adoption

By CGT Staff - 01/10/2017

Trade promotion spending is the second-largest expense for most CPG manufacturers after cost of goods sold, with spending averaging 12%-20% as a percent of gross sales. Managing this gigantic line item is complex, and many still approach it with error-prone, one-off spreadsheets or outdated, overly customized solutions. With margins ever tightening and trade expenses climbing, many turn to a Trade Promotion Management software solution.

Unfortunately, an alarming number of TPM deployments fail to reach their full potential, primarily due to user adoption issues. To shed a light on what goes wrong and how to avoid it, CGT consulted seasoned executives at both CG companies and solution providers to highlight the potential problems and share best practices honed from years in the trenches of TPM deployments.

Building on one-of-a-kind research published by CGT last November, and this companion webinar will explore user adoption challenges and best practices that can help your TPM initiative succeed.

Presented in discussion format, our experts will share their perspectives on the following topics, including common errors and suggested best practices

  • Project objectives
  • Product selection
  • Governance
  • Winning buy-in
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • User compliance


  • Michael Rybnick, Director, Customer Investment & Optimization, Henkel Corporation
  • Vernetta McDowell, Director of Sales Operations, Reynolds Consumer Products
  • Ronald Labhart, Product Management, Accenture Software
  • Fred Schroeder, President & CEO, Adesso Solutions

Moderator: Kara Romanow, Community Director, CGT