The Analytics Arms Race: May the Best Insights Win

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By CGT & RIS News - 05/01/2018

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Challenged by digital behemoths like Amazon and Alibaba at one end and nimble, born-in-the-cloud startups at the other, traditional retailers and consumer goods companies are under tremendous pressure to deliver exceptional, personalized consumer experiences that will keep them relevant in an evolving consumer landscape. 

That has sent the industry into an "analytics arms race" in which companies are scrambling to develop the internal skills needed to better understand consumer demand and respond accordingly. For the third year, CGT and sister brand RIS joined forces on a Retail and Consumer Goods Analytics Study to shine a light on how consumer goods companies and retailers are building up analytics capabilities to confront a changing, consumer-driven world. 

In this companion webinar, a panel of analytics experts will discuss key findings from the report, evaluate the industry's progress so far and examine the key steps retailers and consumer goods companies must take to ensure they aren't left behind as consumer demand continues to evolve.



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